Friday, March 09, 2007

The little superstar........

I've been trying to upload photos of Charlotte walking to this blog all week and for some reason the site just isn't working properly! I have raised a support call with the blog people today - so hopefully we can remedy it next week!!!!

I went to see Charlotte walking at Roehampton today and she is just incredible! She walks effortlessly with no signs whatsoever of having prosthetics - apart from the fact she has had funky coloured designs done on them and is very keen to hike up her trouser legs to show them off!!

It was a strange feeling seeing her walk today, almost like the last 9 mts hasn't happened and in equal force an incredibly emotional feeling knowing that it has and she has taken it in her stride and got on with life! I honestly don't think I have ever been prouder of anybody!

Well done Rugger!!!

Rach xxxxxxxxxx


Blogger mo said...

Hey Charlotte,

SO amazing that you are walking! Soon you will be able to kick Sophie's ass again. :op
Been so slack at keeping up with your blog but its great to see what you are up to.
Anyway, seriously AMAZING!!!

Hope you like checking out the photos of my stupid adventures...sweet to get the comment from you.


11:30 AM  
Blogger anne-marie said...

Hi Charlotte,

Brilliant to hear you're doing so well am dying to see you walking.Truly it's amazing how far you've come you're an inspiration to us all.Hope we can spend another day together before too long - I really enjoyed it !We all send our love ,

Anne-Marie , Luciano and Luca xxxxxx

1:03 AM  

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